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at the same time around in the us are said to engage in direct talks so what's in it for conflict or the start of pragmatism compromise. coming up on our t.v. in washington d.c. multiple people fatally shot at the navy yard the headquarters is the work place for thousands of employees and is the largest of the navy's five system commands more on this breaking news ahead and the u.s. and russia have struck a deal to have the syrian government remove its chemical weapons by twenty fourteen at the same time the u.n. has released a report on the use of chemical weapons but do we know who is responsible for their use details coming up and it's been five years since the collapse of lehman brothers investment bank and the bailout of ai g. that caused a crisis that included the government bailouts of the big banks that helped create the too big to fail phrase that we all know today we'll take
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a look back at what we've learned later in the show. it's monday september sixteenth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm on your i david and you're watching our t.v. . gunshots rang out this morning at the u.s. navy yard in washington d.c. killing several people and injuring many others at least thirteen people have been killed at the naval sea systems command headquarters including a d.c. police officer and another law enforcement officer plus the alleged shooter aaron alexis who also died at the scene of the mass shooting in navy yard was established back in seventy nine hundred nine and is the oldest navy installation it's the residence of the chief of naval operations and it's responsible for weapons development among other functions there are about sixteen thousand civilian and military employees who work in the complex with three thousand employees in that specific building and the yard has about two point two million square feet of
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office space in total president obama addressed this tragedy during his speech today we are confronting yet another mass shooting and today it happened on a military installation in our nation's capital it's a shooting that targeted for military and civilian personnel. these are men and women who were going to work doing their job protecting all of us so what happened today at the u.s. navy yard well for the answer to that r t sam sachs tells us more. i'm here on m. street in southeast washington d.c. just a few blocks from the navy yard where roughly twelve hours ago at about eight twenty am this morning police responded to an active shooting that we now learned led to multiple fatalities as of right now the fatality count stands at thirteen people including the suspected gunman who police have identified as thirty four year old
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aaron alexis who formerly served in the navy and was working as a military contractor police are also looking for a second man who was seen wearing a military style uniform around the scene of the crime is considered a person of interest in the shooting witnesses described the scene shot starting side the building and building one hundred seven i was not there i heard this and shots there inside the building i know it was on the fourth floor when i backed away to the building myself and other gentlemen were in the alley behind that building and that's where we were shot at heard some more gunfire at one point we were gunfire that was very loud close by and we looked up as we were on the floor there were a couple of bullet holes in the wall of the conference room. a little while they were heard still some more gunfire and that was a little after nine that we hear any more gunfire and a little after ten uniformed police officers were coming they came to where we were to the other people in the area where they had barricaded and knocked on the door told us to take on the barricades the washington navy yard is the navy's largest on shore establishment today it serves as an administrative pub for the navy housing
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the chief of naval operations and the naval sea systems command many who worked at the navy yard were forced to shelter in place today for as long as eight hours until police determined the scene to be say we were shuffled around and just. now i would say good home an area here is that we're we could be took care of this for as light contact with spouses family members would. be they were very very professional about that they made sure that we were comforted to be during this traumatic situation and then. like i said just now they let us go those who worked at the building. siddur to secure to get into our bill you have to get on to the base a which means you have to have a id card for the military we call cat card. and after that to get into our building you have to have that cash card keep for the people who work inside the building if not you can check in with security at the front of the building so again i have no idea who the shooters are how they got into the building this is a military environment and we all scream to get in and you know we thought to be in
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the seven vironment but again not on come on you know i said in this area because we had a military zone but for about to happen is quite unfortunate it's unclear how he gunmen may have made it on to the navy yard past security with the suspect may have acquired a security card from someone who has access to the building there are no metal detectors in place as part of security as of right now there is no known motive and survivors are still trying to piece together what they lived through a building like that you have a mix of civilians and military so i don't know how many who have lost were either were either you know formal in the uniform wearing military like me or government civil servants. but you know every one of those a precious life i know that i know i'm i believe i know at least one of them and. that's going to be tough but there's still a lot of action here just a few blocks from the crime scene we see emergency vehicles and police cars driving
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back and forth you can still see helicopters up in the sky here and residents around here have been told to stay in place this is very much an active criminal investigation and there are still a lot of questions to be answered in washington sam sachs our to and later in the evening just over an hour ago shots were reportedly heard outside the white house soon after the secret service confirmed that the shots were in fact firecrackers however the incident contributed to the already heightened tensions felt in the aftermath of the navy yard shooting artie's perry and boring has more. we're here in front of the white house this truly been a day of terror here in washington d.c. as you can see the entire lafayette park has been completely evacuated there originally rumors of gunshots however we have confirmed with secret service that it was just firecrackers i spoke with someone and the chief of staff's office at the white house the white house was not evacuated however the area in front of the white house has been and we have spoken with people who heard the firecrackers go
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off i'm here now with michael gavin you please tell us exactly what you saw and what you experienced when you heard the firecrackers oh yes it was very interesting i was walking down the street with a coworker and we heard first a pop like a firecracker and we're like that's a pop pop and we were thinking this is odd all of the police piled on top of someone and they told us to run to destry street so they forced every once you completely run out of the park right as fast as we could i mean as far as we could and did you see who threw the firecracker i did not i did not because they were really on top of the person very very quickly but you saw someone go down exactly and about three or four policemen in the white church jumped on top of one person so we're not sure exactly who this person was who threw the firecracker it sounds like he is in custody now today has really not been
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a day for jokes in washington d.c. and perry and boring are two. and now we turn to syria on saturday the united states and russia reached a diplomatic agreement that calls for syria's arsenal of chemical weapons to be removed or destroyed by the middle of two thousand and fourteen the announcement came on the third day of talks in geneva between secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergei lavrov where the agreement focused on the specific framework to rid syria of its chemical weapons. the united states and russia are committed to the elimination of syrian chemical weapons in the soonest and safest manner we agreed that syria must submit within a week not in thirty days but in one week a comprehensive listing and additional details will be addressed regarding that in the coming days. the framework mandates that a list must be available in one week that includes the kinds and quantities of
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syria's chemical many munitions along with the location of their storage and production sites as part of the agreement russia has been pushing for the united states to take military action off the table however the obama administration has refused saying that the u.s. would move forward you know laterally if syria fails to comply with the latest deal we will maintain our military posture in the region to keep the pressure on the assad regime and if diplomacy fails the united states and the international community must remain prepared to act but what role will the u.n. play in enforcing this agreement to talk about that along with the latest developments i was joined earlier by our t's marina port naya she began by explaining the timeline that's been set. well as you already mentioned this deal brokered by russia and the u.s. requires the syrian government to hand over a complete list of its chemical arsenal within one week and have the entire arsenal
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destroyed by the middle of next year the middle of twenty fourteen in the meantime . russia the u.s. and other power players are supposed to be trying to bring both parties to the negotiating table for the geneva two meeting not for the peace talks where they're supposed to be a transitional government formed with then called and it's a crisis a civil war in syria up until this point the opposition the rebels in syria have not agreed to come to the negotiating table i think all parties involved are hoping that with this deal brokered maybe we will now see members of the syrian government members of the syrian opposition come to the table so they can discuss a transition they can discuss a way a path to lead syria eventually back to peace will considering this would be one of the most challenging undertakings in the history of arms control does it seem like this this timeline might be a bit ambitious to some it does seem like this timeline is
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a bit ambitious books critics say that this is not going to be possible many skeptics believe that first the government of bashar al assad will not disclose all of the areas where they have chemical weapons will not be upfront about it others say listen this is the best agreement we've seen thus far throughout this ongoing civil war in syria that has gone on more than two and a half years let's remember just a week ago week and a half ago we were discussing the potential u.s. military strike against syria against the syrian government that many believe could have led to a wider wider conflict a conflict that went beyond the borders of syria so many believe that this is this deal that was brokered clearly a verdict a military strike that seemed so him and. and so it does seem like in many ways that at this point you have the syrian government complying with the international community a way that would hope would comply for quite
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a while and marina talk about the actual role of the u.n. what role are they going to play in the removal of these weapons from syria well the u.n. security council is expected to draft a resolution for this syrian deal in the coming days now france britain and the united states they're all seeking are strong taxed what they mean by strong is the resolution under chapter seven now any resolution under chapter seven could allow for military intervention in this case military intervention if syria fails to hand over its chemical weapons or if international community believes that syria is not complying with the deal that the united states and russia has now brokered so this is now a sticking point because while some thought that the u.s. would not be spearheading a military strike against syria it seems as though that option has not completely been taken off the table and we are running out of time but i do understand the u.n. released a report
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a weapons report today can you talk very briefly about what that report entailed is very important the report released by u.n. inspectors does confirm and says that there is clear and convincing evidence that chemical weapons were used on a relatively large scale in syria on august twenty first but the report does not answer the key question of who launched the attack now the inspector said the environmental chemical and medical samples collected provide clear and convincing evidence that surface to surface rockets containing the nerve agent sour and were used in the ongoing conflict between the parties in syria to kill hundreds of people secretary-general ban ki moon says the unequivocal and objective conclusion of chemical weapons use in syria amounts to a war crime and perpetrators must be held accountable the un chief says that this is the significant most. if i can only confirm use of chemical weapons against soviet civilians since saddam hussein used them in nineteen ninety eight nine hundred eighty eight forgive me so at this point you have leaders of the united
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nations saying the perpetrators must be held accountable but this this report does not point the finger of who was responsible for launching that chemical attack on august twenty first while lots of new and very significant developments thank you so much marina for coming and breaking it all down our to correspondent marina port naya well u.s. military strikes on syria may have been averted at least for the time being however the civil war on the ground continues with the conflict only escalating in recent days case in point darius a suburb of damascus that has been completely abandoned by its residents now the only people remaining are army soldiers and rebel fighters are teased maria for a notion of is on the ground in syria and brings us this report. allowing barrett just a few kilometers from the central damascus it used to be a nice and beautiful very picturesque town where the population of up to three hundred thousand people but it's been torn by questions between the governmental
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forces and the rebels rebels two years now the result you can see everything is ruined the residents left the only people we can meet here either the army all the militants. fighting against my guys. in the now we're going with the army to get their operations. derivates cells or the capital response of a powerful militant belt around damascus known as eastern ghouta the scene of friesen fierce clashes it is also where a chemical attack last month brought international resonance in its wake all weapons smuggled to syria through jordan in the south comes through here providing local militants with a secure supply line for. half . come. here.
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this is what the syrian war looks like today the urban battlefield provides dense cover and that's work of underground tunnels also shields the militants there is no defined front line and you don't know when your enemy is watching. the syrian army soldiers say they could be snipers there and they pull curtains like this one just to protect to prevent star players from seeing what's going on here. this simple system helps save many lives every day where he doesn't work soldiers just wrong. in a full two minutes with travel from one district to another we follow the army as you can see through. the buildings through the holes in the walls like the swan hall the swan they're everywhere. all. the time that you fall into the. family the suit is here
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in the mornings he needs no. more life. in this war snipers a from both sides of the frontline. is what they do most of the time waiting for the enemy. in the dead of an office assures me the mapping they update every day this is where we are the militants are in this building the army liberates the town street by street building by building very slowly and very carefully has just addressed the militants to surrender their promise and sometimes they leave. but sometimes they refuse and we have no other choice but the quite a bit of an american strike seems to be on the backburner at least for now but syrian civil war goes on and on. damascus suburbs syria.
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still ahead here on our t.v. it's been five years since the collapse of lehman brothers investment bank and the bailout of a i j this led to a huge crisis where the government bailed out the big banks and helped create the too big to fail phrase that we all know today a look at what we've learned after the break. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others use in those. places changing the world like. picture of days. from around the globe.
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and in financial news sunday marks the fifth anniversary of the collapse of the lehman brothers investment bank in two thousand and eight the firm filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection following the massive exodus of its clients drastic losses in its stocks and a major downgrading of its assets by credit rating agencies in mark the largest bankruptcy filing in u.s. history and its demise became the catalyst of a major global financial meltdown in which the government shelled out seven hundred billion dollars to bail out the big banks at the same time today marks five years since the federal reserve authorized a bailout loan of up to eighty five billion dollars to the insurance company ai g. president obama observed the anniversary by speaking to the american people while
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he sought to make the case that we're experiencing an economic turnaround even he had to acknowledge that there's currently a huge economic inequality gap there's even though our businesses are creating new jobs that have broken record profits the top one percent of americans so-called twenty percent of the nation's income last year well the average worker isn't seeing a raise at all i was joined earlier by william black associate professor of economics and law at the university of missouri kansas city he is the author of the best way to rob a bank is to own one and he's also a white collar criminologist and former financial regulator i first asked him about the mindset on wall street that created this financial crisis in the first place here's what he had to say. oh making money. is the key thing about accounting control fraud is in the words of the nobel prize winner in economics george acker law it's a sure thing you are mathematically guaranteed to report record profits they're
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fictional but there you are report record profits in the near term with modern executive compensation the senior officers will instantly being made wealthy the bank will suffer catastrophic losses but the controlling officers will walk away wealthy as they did at lehmann brothers where they walked away as you know hundreds of millions or even billionaires. and recently you know new york times article laid out the end side talks of the security exchange commission's deliberations on whether to charge the executive of lehman brothers and after some back and forth they concluded that suing the banks executive would just be legally unjustified do you agree with that conclusion. no and i've done a couple of columns on this the commission did not decide that a particular in foresman lawyer decided that and he didn't decide according to the report that there wasn't fraud he decided
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a more technical thing that it wasn't material except that he's not the expert on that and the experts in the agency disagreed with him and the other folks were clearly right and he was wrong so it's an outrageous of use. and it is symptomatic of what's happened under the bush and obama administration where we have the largest frauds in history making the elites wealthier than ever in history and not a single only banker is even being tried much less in prison for the fraud that drove the prices and of course we know that no senior executive that any bank was ever charged and this month the month of september marks the statute of limitations for any of the crimes these executives could have been charged with so i do you think that this will have a long term effect on our economy or on the way wall street executives conduct business yeah one clarification there is another law that allows if the victim is
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an insured institution like a bank or a savings alone so we actually could for another five years bring many of these cases because the banks did suffer losses but there is no clear effort to bring those cases and what it's all meant is we've just shown that you can get wealthy through fraud with absolute immunity well you know think what that would do in the blue collars here if we said hey if you rob homes there no one will prosecute you ever and you can keep all the money people would rob a lot of homes and that would produce terrible things well that's six. actually what's going to cause in the white collar sphere it's going to cause bigger nastier crises as soon as we actually get a stronger recovery but as your lead in pointed out we have not had a strong recovery at any time since the lehman failure and in the year of financial
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investigator and you did work on the savings and loan crisis which resulted in more than a thousand prosecutions how was the investigative response to the financial crisis in two thousand and eight different. completely different first the key thing after recognize is that banks won't make a criminal referral against their own c.e.o. they can only come from the government we recognize that back in the savings and loan crisis and so our agency the office of thrift supervision made over thirty thousand criminal referrals and as you said this led not just to prosecutions it led to over a thousand felony convictions just in cases designated as major and we hyper prioritize the cases to go after the top one hundred fraud schemes the six hundred worst individuals we had a ninety percent conviction rate against them in the current crisis which is over
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seventy times larger both in terms of losses and fraud the same agency the office of thrift supervision made zero criminal referrals the office of the comptroller the currency which is supposed to regulate the largest national banks in america made zero criminal referrals we believe that the federal reserve made zero criminal referrals the federal deposit insurance corporation was smart enough to refuse to answer journalist questions as to how many referrals they made until i was i didn't i didn't want to jump in very quickly because we're running out of time and i want to get one last question in there you know if you look at wall street now it's clearly doing very well and so if a healthy wall street is supposed to mean a healthy economy why haven't we seen it translate yet into more jobs more housing opportunities and less foreclosures because a healthy wall street doesn't mean a healthy economy wall street is back to what it was at the peak of the bubble
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about forty percent of total corporate profits it is an incredible parasite that reduces economic growth. while said adèle black thank you so much for coming on associate professor of economics and law at the university of missouri kansas city thank you thank you. in the us we've seen a number of arrests that give us the impression that free speech isn't as well protected as we once thought for example some police officers will arrest activists not for the act of nonviolent protest itself but rather for some other legal violation by the protester talking a little more about that is the residence lori harf an asst.
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in the u.s. because the lord wants to stop you from doing something or want you locked up for some reason rest assured they will magically find a way to get it in god and take the case of pastor terry jones in florida you know him he's the guy that likes to burn korans to commemorate nine eleven the u.s. military has jorn him to stop with the protests of the past or just won't listen so this year as he was towing a big grill filled with three thousand kerosene those qur'an to a park the cops arrested him the only problem is they couldn't arrest him for intending to burn some books as that's protected as three feet so they got him on an unlawful conveyance of fuel unlawful open carry of a firearm and having no valid vegetation and that's the way it goes here in the us if authorities want you neutralized they will find something to nail you with no
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matter how clean you think it might be activists change the entire thing was on his latest protest the democratic national convention last year when he was pulled over and arrested for driving with a suspended license he maintains he was just a passenger in the car never the last that cops held him until the convention was over the silencing the active. during occupy wall street cost the rest of protesters by using and here was loitering law that bans two or more people from wearing masks together the law has been ruled unconstitutional for several. but caf still used it to silence the protesters the cops arrest people for secondary reasons all the time as a way to silence them it's practically a national past time and that's the danger in the government collecting our data
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because now they want to silence me for any reason whatsoever they don't even have to leave their desks they can just write well through email tax facebook posts anything to buy a reason to arrest you there could be a picture of you jaywalking on facebook and that could be as the patient. but the bottom line is we're already living in a world where it but they already want to lock you up to stop you from speaking your mind they'd find some way to do it and if we dive more into the age of digital selves and surveillance that's bound to get a lot worse just as the pastor joe but maybe when you see him don't bring up religion tonight but to talk about that by following me on twitter at the resident . and that does it for now for more on the stories we covered today go to youtube dot com slash r t america or check out our website at r t dot com slash usa you can
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also follow me on twitter adam you're a david and don't forget to tune in at nine pm for larry king now with tonight's special guest the jonas brothers have a good night. on their way to antarctica the crew of the i can to make sure that if face many challenges. you have to look out for yourself crashing on the rocks trapped in pack ice in extreme conditions anything can happen and article always comes up with surprises you have to keep your eyes open because if there's always something going wrong the ship carries huge reserves of water food fuel as well as helicopters and people able to survive extreme conditions they're ready for anything even an apocalypse she's really an incredible ship calling all antarctica stations this is academic a field of radio check please.


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